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Does this sound a bit like your business? Growing businesses are often exciting places to work. The cut and thrust of sales people making deals; the throb of order fulfilment; the hubbub of activity around customer services; the urgency attached to customer support. In the background, teams such as administrative support, purchasing and finance help glue it all together…there is likely never a dull moment. However, as teams get maxed out, the environment can become pressurised. Sometimes, there may be trade-offs where you make sacrifices, such as prioritising lead-gen and conversion activities over customer support. The risk is that trading off one area against another becomes a permanent situation where certain tasks become secondary or lower priority. To retain existing…

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Is your business at risk of becoming a victim of its own success?

High-priority tasks not done and deadlines missed As a natural consequence of business success, companies often need to expand as their customer base grows. For many, managing the ever-increasing volume of enquiries and support requests becomes a significant challenge. Quite simply, growing companies often find their workflow becomes less structured as they try to keep in step with rising demand. The faster the growth, the more potential there is for operations and processes to get out of shape. This can often lead to a decline in productivity as team members are constantly interrupted by incoming calls, diverting their attention from high-priority tasks and hindering their ability to meet deadlines. People get burned out and stressed, something that seems to be…

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Jumpstart efficiency in 2024 with Simply66 virtual receptionist services

Transform your business efficiency and fuel growth in 2024 with Simply66’s virtual receptionist services. From automated Electronic Receptionist to personalised Live Receptionist support, experience cost savings, increased productivity, and 24/7 call accessibility. Outsource call handling to streamline your workflow, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve real growth.

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The importance of an impeccable voice channel in the age of digital customer service

The proliferation of digital service channels In today’s fast-paced business world, technology has empowered many companies to get more done with less. Technology, particularly automation, has eliminated wasteful practices and promoted efficiency. As a result, many of your team are likely to be maxed out in terms of resource utilisation. Whatever sector or niche your business competes in, it’s a fair bet that it has many moving parts, but the team really needs to focus on core activities. The need to prioritise primary tasks and responsibilities while also delivering excellent customer experiences is paramount. Businesses are harnessing a variety of alternative channels to meet the service needs of their customers while trying to maintain a focus on core activities. Here…

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Boosting business growth with outsourced live receptionists

The smaller the business, the more hats you wear… Running a small business usually means you need to fulfil multiple roles. With increasing size, you can become more focused as increasing headcount provides the scope for role specialisation. Who knows? You might even be able to trade in all your small hats for one great big one! However, whether it is a fast-growing SMB, or a well-established medium-sized enterprise (SME), keeping on top of things is demanding. Managing operations, leading teams, and satisfying customer needs are just some of the everyday challenges. Amidst this hustle, one vital aspect may not often get the attention it deserves – answering the phone. Missed calls may translate into lost opportunities, unhappy customers, and…

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More employees work hybrid or remote so a Simply66 virtual receptionist makes good business sense!

A strategic shift: The rise of call answering services in the post-covid era One of the most fundamental changes of recent times has been the normalization and widespread acceptance of increased levels of employee home or remote working, either as a full-time or hybrid arrangement. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, some sections of the business community provided remote and home working capability. For many, it wasn’t a question of capability, because the technology was already there; it was a cultural position that was largely determined by the attitude of management. However, countermeasures for combating the pandemic transformed the way businesses operate, ushering in a new era of hybrid and remote work patterns. As organizations adapt to this fundamental change in the…

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What’s the difference between a virtual receptionist and a live virtual receptionist service?

Confused about the difference between a virtual receptionist and a live virtual receptionist service? Our blog provides a clear distinction between the two terms commonly used in outsourced telephone services.

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Outsourced telephone answering services and virtual receptionist services

Discover the benefits of Simply66’s outsourced telephone answering services and virtual receptionist services. Improve productivity and provide exceptional customer experiences.

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Better meet the expectations of today’s more demanding customers with Simply66

The rise of the more demanding customer Let’s face it! Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. Rather than polite acceptance by previous generations of B2C and B2B customers of the mediocre service provided by disinterested ‘customer service’ agents, nowadays people want more for their personal or company’s money. Consequently, high-quality customer service has become an enormous differentiator in the marketplace. Indeed, many businesses and organisations now position customer experience (CX) as their number one priority. There are many reasons why today’s customers are more demanding: More choice – the internet lets customers easily compare prices and products from different companies. This gives them more power to demand better products and services. More informed – customers have access to a…

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Squaring the circle of value: Getting more value from employees

Discover how Simply66’s answering services can help businesses reduce cost overheads while allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks.

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Enhancing your business processes with Simply66 answering services

Learn how Simply66 answering services can help improve your business processes and enhance customer satisfaction. Discover the benefits of live answering services and how they can streamline your operations.

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Is it time you reviewed how your business fields inbound telephone calls?

Explore how remote and hybrid working has impacted office operations, including reducing the need for permanent seating and office receptionists. And learn why a telephone answering service is a cost-effective solution for businesses to optimise their inbound calls and improve customer experience.

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SOLVED: The common criticisms of answering services

When it comes to outsourcing call answering services, criticism is less about undercutting labour costs and more about the quality of service that is provided by an outsourced call answering service. Here are some of the most common issues and here we explain how Simply66 solves them.

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Daily FAQs grinding you down? Help can be on its way!

How your FAQs are answered is down to how you want them to be answered. You provide the question and the answer you would typically give, and the receptionists follow your instructions to a tee – your customers won’t know the difference.

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8 things we’ve learnt from working from home

People are learning new things all the time, some of which simply small observations but others are quite enlightening. With that in mind, we’ve asked some of our colleagues to tell us what they’ve learnt about themselves from working at home. We should warn you… food plays a big factor here!

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