Call Recording

Supports transparency, accuracy and accountability

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Each call recorded every time

Call recording is a fantastic feature that brings multiple benefits. A recording is attached to the email we send you summarising every call our Live Receptionists handle, making it simple to verify what has been said.

Call recording of outbound as well as inbound calls ensures that every conversation between you and your customers, partners and third parties is captured. Not only are your call recordings emailed to you, they are also stored online so you can manage, file and index them.


Peace of Mind

Enjoy total transparency and be free from the worry that calls may have been mishandled.

Complete Accuracy 

Avoid garbled messages, verify the accuracy of call details, and resolve disputes.


Quality Guaranteed

Provides an auditable trail that lets you track every call from each number that rings your business.



Secure Cloud

Listen to your .mp3 call recordings that are securely stored in the cloud, directly through your web browser. Alternatively, you can download your recordings to build an offline database of backup files.

6 Year Storage

All calls recorded through your Simply66 account are managed in compliance with the GDPR and retained for up to 6 years to be compliant with all relevant regulations.

Smart Filtering

All calls made through Simply66 are recorded, including manual calls. Filter recordings by number, participants, team, call date and more.

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