Tailor call answering for your needs

Powerful features for doing a great job of handling and reporting on all calls to your business



Automatic Call History

Tracks the recent history of inbound calls, enabling our receptionists to access caller information in real time

Call Recording

We deliver high quality recordings of all the calls we take, capturing every detail and ensuring accuracy.

Call Transfer Option

We can arrange to let you handle specific calls personally by transferring them to you or one of your team.

Customisable FAQs

Provides a Virtual Service desk, presenting instant replies to 15 Frequently Asked Questions about products and services.

Instant Information

Standard business information such as key contacts and email addresses enables smooth handling of basic enquiries.

Interactive Voice Menu

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lets callers direct their call using the keypad to respond to recorded options.

Introductory Greeting

Play recorded messages to callers before connecting calls to receptionists, to welcome or inform of business hours.

Live Call Answer

Promote better chances of converting inbound calls into business by ensuring a person answers your calls.

Music On Hold

Give a more professional image by avoiding background noise or silence when callers are holding for transfer or help.

Prompt Database

Library of pre-recorded prompts to inform callers of self-service IVR options that are available to let them direct their calls.

Routing Wizard

Sequence the steps for automatic call handling, such as ring times, divert numbers and voicemail.

Simultaneous Ringing

When you’re busy, a timeout sends calls to our reception team, making sure every call is answered by a person.

Use Your Own Number

A UK telephone number is included to give you the option of using a new business number or your existing number.

Time of Day Routing

Answer and divert calls based on availability and business hours and accommodate for public holidays across the UK.

UK Based

All calls are handled by UK-based receptionists via a centralised system that connects them as a team to shared information.

Voicemail Detection

Use best effort personal pick-up of calls by diverting to different numbers with routing to voicemail only as a last resort.

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