19th March 2023

Enhancing your business processes with Simply66 answering services

Answering services improve the quality of service

Virtual and live receptionist services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to focus more energy on core business issues, streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Virtual receptionist answering services use an automated electronic switchboard to provide a 24/7 pick up and information service to callers. This is a great solution, however it can be frustrating for callers with complex enquiries or those that fall outside of the automated options available to callers for routing their calls.

For businesses that want to deliver the highest standards of customer service, support and ultimately provide customers with the greatest levels of satisfaction, a live receptionist service provided by real people is the primary choice.

Smoothing out processes and increasing productivity

But just how does outsourcing the telephone reception function of your business to Simply66 support your business processes?

  • Professional call handling – A good, well-trained and experienced live receptionist handles incoming calls professionally, greeting callers and providing them with the information they need. This ensures that your business always appears professional and competent, even when you’re not available to answer the phone. Properly qualified calls are transferred to the right departments, or messages taken, so that the processes of dealing with callers straight away or following them up are properly handled.
  • Never miss important calls – A good live receptionist answering service ensures that your business is always accessible to customers. Even outside of regular business hours, should live receptionists not be available round the clock, a virtual receptionist can take up the slack to provide a minimum service level outside of business hours. Follow-up activity can be undertaken immediately your team becomes available, based on alerts and messages generated by live and virtual services.
  • Greet callers the way you like – Simply66 live and virtual services support customised greetings so that you can project the image and convey the tone you want when people call your business. This allows you to provide callers with a personalised experience that reflects your brand and values.
  • Call routing or transfer – Both our live and virtual receptionist services can route calls so that they are transferred to the appropriate department or member of your team. This ensures that callers are connected with the right person quickly and efficiently. This saves time for both your team members and callers.
  • Answering FAQs – Simply66 live receptionist answering services can provide callers with basic company information or provide greater value by answering the FAQs that callers have. This increases the first call resolution, preventing the need for a response or follow-up by your team.
  • Appointment scheduling – Simply66 live and virtual receptionist services can also work with your diaries to schedule appointments for your team. This ensures that your team’s schedule is organised efficiently around their availability avoiding clashes, missed appointments and disappointments.
  • Cost-effective – For businesses such as SoHo, consultants or independent tradesmen, using a virtual receptionist service is a cost-effective solution when you don’t need a live receptionist.
  • Increased productivity – Whether you choose a live or virtual receptionist answering service, ultimately, outsourcing is about making your business more efficient and your team more productive. Removing the need to answer incoming calls avoids unnecessary interruptions and frees your team up to concentrate on using their skills and expertise most effectively.

More efficient business processes with Simply66!

With Simply66, you are in charge. You tell us how you want your calls handled and our team will switch your number over to us (or give you a new one), configure the inbound call ringing and pickup arrangements, and start handling calls on your behalf.

The best way to see what Simply66 could do for your business is to sign up for our free 14 day trial.

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