20th December 2023

Is your business at risk of becoming a victim of its own success?

High-priority tasks not done and deadlines missed

As a natural consequence of business success, companies often need to expand as their customer base grows. For many, managing the ever-increasing volume of enquiries and support requests becomes a significant challenge.

Quite simply, growing companies often find their workflow becomes less structured as they try to keep in step with rising demand. The faster the growth, the more potential there is for operations and processes to get out of shape.

This can often lead to a decline in productivity as team members are constantly interrupted by incoming calls, diverting their attention from high-priority tasks and hindering their ability to meet deadlines. People get burned out and stressed, something that seems to be more of a problem since the Covid pandemic.

Strong managerial skills may help to reorganise teams to be in more control. However, in the final analysis, there is only a finite amount of productivity that can be achieved for a given headcount.

The obvious answer is to employ telephone reception staff to provide a first response to incoming calls. However, this can be inefficient, as demand is likely to fluctuate. It is also costly, when you add up the salary and benefits required to budget for a reception team.

Improving productivity with professional call answering

That’s why increasing numbers of businesses are turning to Simply66. Our professional call answering services are highly efficient and our call plans provide value for money.

Our virtual and live receptionists field incoming calls, eliminating the disruptive influence of interruptions and ensuring that your team is free to focus on its core competencies.

This transforms productivity in busy environments where employees are multi-tasking, ending the conflict between time-sensitive, deadline-driven tasks and picking up incoming calls.

Our team is composed of dedicated professionals trained to handle a wide range of inquiries. Our plans cater for anything from basic enquiries, and call filtering for key personnel to dealing with frequently repeated customer service questions and even technical support requests.

By outsourcing your call handling to Simply66, your internal team focuses its skills and abilities on tasks that require their specialised expertise, because that’s what you pay them for!

How Simply66 professional receptionists enhance efficiency

The benefits of a call answering service go way beyond just taking calls. Our professional receptionists are equipped with software tools as well as the skills and information to effectively handle a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Immediate assistance with basic enquiries: Callers appreciate having their questions answered promptly and efficiently, and a professional receptionist can quickly resolve simple issues without requiring direct intervention from your team.
  • Qualifying and routing calls to the appropriate person or department: By eliciting the precise nature of the call our receptionists ensure that incoming enquiries are directed to the right team member or department, minimising delay and frustration.
  • Responding to FAQS: Priming our team with the answers to the questions that are most often asked by callers means we can provide first-call resolution, preventing the need for call backs, saving time and money.
  • Escalating issues appropriately: When a caller requires expertise beyond the receptionist’s scope, calls are seamlessly escalated in line with the rules you define, ensuring that callers receive appropriate attention.

Purpose-built VoIP technology and software tools

Our systems are VoIP (Voice over IP), which uses digital technology over high-speed broadband to handle voice traffic. Each receptionist’s system runs through a computer and is linked to a powerful CRM application.

When a call to your number is detected, a pop-up appears on the screen of the receptionist that picks up, providing all the information needed to answer a call to your business confidently and in keeping with how you want us to greet callers. This system also provides all the information needed to provide accurate responses to the FAQs that callers ask.

Don’t let growth hold you back – maintain productivity with Simply66

Simply66 helps you overcome business growing pains, saving time, driving efficiency and providing great ROI. With your team freed up to concentrate on higher-value core business activities, Simply66 answering services simply make great business sense.

The best way to see what Simply66 could do for your business is to sign up for our free 14 day trial.

To find out more simply call us on 03333 4415 66 or email sales@simply66.co.uk

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