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Live receptionists primed with the knowledge to immediately assist customers

The purpose-built software created by our development team displays your company’s details as soon as an incoming call to your number is fielded. This puts all the information you have provided at the fingertips of the live receptionist who has picked up the call.

Providing us with your standard information lets us take care of many low-level calls, while FAQs let you meet customer expectations for basic service and support desk-style customer services, allowing your team to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Is It You… Or Is It Simply66?

We seamlessly act as part of your organisation – it’s as if our receptionists are directly employed by you!

Standard Business Information

Using your standard business information enables smooth handling of routine calls such as transfers and key contact enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

With FAQ information, we confidently answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about your company’s products or services.


1st Call Resolution

Significantly reduce the need for callbacks by you or your team by improving the probability of resolving the caller's enquiry on the first contact. Save time and money by eliminating the need to return calls to resolve customer issues.

Standard Information For Routine Enquiries

Whether callers just want to be transferred, need to find out the correct person or department to speak to, or need the addresses of key contacts or communication channels, your standard information is used to courteously and efficiently deal with these calls.

FAQs For Service and Support

Provide us with the answers to 15 of the most Frequently Asked Questions by callers to your business. Our live receptionists will then be able to act as a true extension of your business and advise your customers appropriately about your products and services.

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