Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Allow customers to direct their calls

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Provide self-service to callers and prioritise important calls

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu allows callers to respond to recorded voice messages by pressing number pad keys. It lets callers indicate the purpose of each call using keypad responses, so you handle calls in a way that’s appropriate for your business.

Providing self-service gives callers control, saves time, and improves customer satisfaction, positively influencing critical customer relationship factors, such as retention, lifetime value and advocacy.


Filter Important Calls

Combine IVR with live receptionists to filter high-priority calls to your team and let our team field the less important ones.


Self-Service Efficiency

Allow callers to navigate straight to the correct person or department, avoiding the need for a receptionist to pick up and transfer.


Choice Of Messages

Choose IVR messages from our prompt database, commission professional introductory greetings, or simply record your own.





Save Time

Eliminate the need for manual pick-up and automate call answering and handling processes so you can deal with calls faster and more efficiently. Let callers opt for receptionist pick-up, or direct connection to a specified department.

Better Impressions

Raise the bar on how you present your business. Handle calls more professionally and project a better image by eliminating untidy telephony practices.

Customer Experience

With at least 80% of consumers expressing a desire for more self-service options, Simply66 IVR menus that allow callers to direct their own calls are right on the trendline for improving customer experience.

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