2nd February 2024

Simply66’s big list of things your business does better with our call answering services…

Does this sound a bit like your business?

Growing businesses are often exciting places to work. The cut and thrust of sales people making deals; the throb of order fulfilment; the hubbub of activity around customer services; the urgency attached to customer support. In the background, teams such as administrative support, purchasing and finance help glue it all together…there is likely never a dull moment.

However, as teams get maxed out, the environment can become pressurised. Sometimes, there may be trade-offs where you make sacrifices, such as prioritising lead-gen and conversion activities over customer support.

The risk is that trading off one area against another becomes a permanent situation where certain tasks become secondary or lower priority. To retain existing customers and maintain growth, all parts of your operation need to be given equal weight. Failing to do this is likely to mean that the business reaches a plateau where the growth curve flattens out and perhaps goes into decline.

Offload inbound call interruptions and distractions

Simply66 call answering services are a great way for busy, growing businesses to free up their teams to focus on their core activities. Friendly, polished and professional, our experienced team of receptionists is equipped with the technology tools required to answer every call to your business exactly in line with your instructions.

From the initial greeting when the call is picked up, through to standard information such as addresses or contact details for key personnel, our team has all the information to hand. The Service and Support Desk plan is ideal if you want us to provide answers to frequently asked questions about your products or services.

Whatever service plan you choose, Simply66 is great for supporting and complementing your internal team to get more done, faster.

Important business tasks done better with Simply66

Here’s a big list and a breakdown of many important business tasks that get done better with Simply66’s call answering services, freeing your team up to concentrate on the tasks that you need to do for yourselves.

Sales and lead generation

  • Focus on hot leads: Allow sales reps and agents to focus on qualified leads by letting Simply66 gather information that identifies the hottest potential customers.
  • Follow up longer-term prospects: Ensure no lead falls through the cracks by having our team capture caller information, allowing your team to structure follow-up activity of longer-term prospects later in the buying cycle.

Customer service and support

  • Handling routine enquiries: Simply66 call answering services reduce wait times and free up internal resources by handling basic customer service questions and requests, letting you do a better job of handling routine enquiries.
  • Service and Support Desk plan: This Simply66 plan is ideal if you want to improve first-call resolution rates by letting us provide first-line support by providing answers to frequently asked questions about your products or services.
  • Escalating support requests: Where a support request is beyond the scope of the Service and Support Desk our team escalates it to your internal personnel in line with your instructions.

Administrative and operational tasks

  • Call filtering and screening: Our team filters and screens calls intended to reach key personnel that may be more appropriately directed to other staff members or departments.
  • Message taking and call forwarding: Improve efficiency by having the Simply66 team capture messages and direct calls to the right person, even when out of the office.

Marketing and lead nurturing

  • Capture caller data for marketing campaigns: Let Simply66 capture caller contact data, areas of interest, and opt-in permission, enabling your team to be more strategic by segmenting and personalising outreach campaigns.

How can you be sure that Simply66 is doing a great job?

Simply66 documents, voice records and reports each call, enabling forensic analysis of every exchange between our team members and your callers. Our customers find this an excellent way of checking the quality of our work and measuring the outstanding value our call answering services provide.

Make more time for your business priorities with Simply66

Simply66 helps you overcome business growing pains, save time, drive efficiency, and provide great ROI. With your team freed up to concentrate on higher-value core business activities, Simply66 answering services simply make great business sense.

The best way to see what Simply66 could do for your business is to sign up for our free 14 day trial.

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