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Transfer or Set Up a Number

Port your existing business number from your existing telecom provider over to our system. Or we can provide a new one – it’s just like changing your mobile phone.

How Would You Like It?

Tell us how you would like to see the switchboard operate so our technical team can adjust options such as simultaneous ringing, ring time, hold music, and more.

You Make The Rules!

Set out the conditions for when we pick up and how to handle calls based on caller intent. For example, the extension numbers to transfer important calls to, such as sales enquiries.

Standard Business Info

Provide us with your standard business information – extension numbers, postal, email addresses, and so on.

How Do You Do It?

Tell us how you want callers to be greeted and our receptionists will pick up when you can’t.

Let Us Get That For You!

Our receptionists field your calls using your standard business information presented via an onscreen pop-up.

Our out-of-hours support has been thoughtfully designed to elevate your experience by extending our availability beyond traditional business hours, ensuring customers will always receive first-class service.

Explore our contract-free packages

Simply66’s virtual reception call answering plans give you trusted services that truly deliver value. Find the right
service and package to suit your business’s needs.

Simply Starter

£32 +VAT/month 25 calls per month Select Package

Simply Lite

£69 +VAT/month 60 calls per month Select Package

Simply Standard

£165 +VAT/month 150 calls per month Select Package

What Simply66 Customers Say

Rish Chandarana, Insight Accountants

“They even remember who has called before!”

“The Virtual Receptionist service is great for my business as I’m often in meetings with existing clients. You can request a mobile number to route to if it’s an important sales enquiry or have them take a message so you can call back later. Best of all, each call is recorded so you can hear first hand how polite and helpful the staff are – they even remember who has called before!”

Rish Chandarana, Insight Accountants

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