Custom Settings

Greater flexibility for handling calls

Optimise call management so it works just right for your business

The cloud software through which we manage your calls has some excellent features that let us fine tune how your calls are fielded. Our technical team customise your Simply66 service to your design, just tell us how you want it to work!

While it’s not quite infinite, there’s plenty of scope to customise your inbound call routing and pick-up response so that you optimise the handling of calls to your business.

Ring Multiple Devices

Simultaneous ringing alerts to calls on multiple devices and numbers, including mobiles to enable best effort response by the first available person.

How Long Should It Ring?

Setting Ring Time allows calls to be diverted to other devices or numbers when not picked up in the specified time frame.

We’ve Got It Covered!

Our receptionists and your mobile could ring at the same time… simply answer if you’re free or if you’re not, let us get that for you!


Pick Up

Our service provides the flexibility to take calls when you’re free or just to get on with high priority tasks, safe in the knowledge that our team of live receptionists is there, ready to intervene as your backstop.

Call Screening

Call Transfer Option puts you in control of which types of calls you would like handled by you and your team. Our live receptionists page through, and relate the nature of the enquiry, allowing you or your nominated employees to decide whether to take the call.

Out Of Business Hours

Routing calls differently out of business hours is a very useful way to customise our services. Play recorded messages, invite callers to leave voicemails or divert calls to mobiles to provide a response - the choice is yours.

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