28th June 2023

Outsourced telephone answering services and virtual receptionist services

It’s an old story and a new story…

Simply66’s outsourced telephone answering services are great for today’s businesses that want employees to focus on core business activities, and to maximise productivity of specialised knowledge workers. The demand for Simply66 virtual receptionist services is a bit like going back to the future…

The idea of administrative assistance and secretarial support has evolved, and the idea of having someone to help with admin tasks dates back further than you might think.

  • In ancient Egypt, scribes were responsible for business transactions, legal documents, as well as managing the archives and libraries of the time.
  • In the Middle Ages, clerks were responsible for administrative tasks in the church and in the royal courts such as record keeping, preparing documents, and managing finances.

As the industrial revolution progressed through the 19th and 20th centuries, the role of secretaries became more formalised. As businesses grew in size and complexity, there was a need for people to perform essential administrative tasks.

However, in the 1980s the PC was invented. This disrupted the underlying need for secretarial support by paving the way for all but the most senior executives to become their own secretaries!

While many at the ‘C’ level still retain Personal Assistants (PAs), the general need for administrative and secretarial support is greatly reduced, as knowledge workers can communicate, organise and generate information with computer technologies.

The case for outsourced telephone answering services

Many of today’s businesses leverage technology to punch above their weight, which means a relatively small company is able to service bigger organisations. For example, a small or growing business in the tech sector can use technology to support hundreds of companies with thousands of employees. And many other types of business have a similar need to really focus on core business activities.

This means key employees need to concentrate on primary tasks and responsibilities, free from distractions and interruptions. Simply66’s outsourced telephone answering services cater for this need in a way that is designed to provide first-rate customer experiences to callers.

What are Simply 66 outsourced telephone answering services?

Simply66’s outsourced telephone answering services (also known as virtual receptionist services) provide your business with a professional phone answering service from a reputable, established third-party specialist in this field. Quite simply, when a call comes into your business, it is answered by a live person who is employed by Simply66, not by your own staff.

Simply66 offers a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • 24/7 coverage – you can have your calls answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if you don’t have staff on-site.
  • Professionalism – your calls will be answered by a professional who is trained to handle a variety of customer inquiries.
  • Cost-effectiveness – outsourced telephone answering services can be a cost-effective way to ensure that your calls are answered promptly and professionally.
  • Flexibility – you can choose the service mix that best meets your needs, from basic call answering to more complex services such as appointment scheduling and customer support.

Live reception services for the personal touch

Live Reception services are perhaps the ultimate form of outsourced telephone answering services, providing a personal response by professional, experienced Simply 66 telephone receptionists. When your number is called and it is picked up by our team, Simply 66 telephone receptionists are given instant onscreen information on how to deal with the incoming call.

From how you want callers to be greeted, to key numbers to which to transfer calls, as well as call escalation information, your callers receive a seamless service, which ensures a great customer experience.

Offload frequent requests for service and support

Simply66’s Service and Support Desk solution is a really good way of providing first-time call resolution for callers that need answers to frequently asked questions.

When you select the Service and Support Desk solution, we’ll ask you for the answers to your 15 most Frequently Asked Questions and equip our telephone receptionists with the information. Our team can then answer such questions without the need to refer or transfer, and the call will be recorded and documented for you to refer to later.

Automated virtual receptionist services for 24/7 call pick up

Automated, virtual receptionist services are an excellent option. Simply66 virtual reception services use automated voice messages to welcome callers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus allow callers to choose options using the telephone keypad.

One of the big benefits of opting for automated IVR is that it provides a 24-hour virtual receptionist service, allowing your customers to always obtain a response.

Define the service mix the way that works best for your business

With Simply66, design the mix of your outsourced telephone answering services to meet the needs of your business. Blend Live Receptionist for general call handling with Service and Support Desk for responding to FAQs, and Virtual Receptionist IVR to tailor your telephone answering 24/7, to meet the specific requirements of your industry or sector.

With your team freed up to concentrate on higher-value core business activities, Simply66 answering services simply make great business sense.

The best way to see what Simply66 could do for your business is to sign up for our free 14 day trial.

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