5th June 2023

Better meet the expectations of today’s more demanding customers with Simply66

The rise of the more demanding customer

Let’s face it! Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. Rather than polite acceptance by previous generations of B2C and B2B customers of the mediocre service provided by disinterested ‘customer service’ agents, nowadays people want more for their personal or company’s money.

Consequently, high-quality customer service has become an enormous differentiator in the marketplace. Indeed, many businesses and organisations now position customer experience (CX) as their number one priority.

There are many reasons why today’s customers are more demanding:

  • More choice – the internet lets customers easily compare prices and products from different companies. This gives them more power to demand better products and services.
  • More informed – customers have access to a wealth of information about products and services online. This allows them to make more informed decisions about where to spend their money.
  • More experienced with different products and services – means that customers are more likely to know what they want and expect from a company.
  • More connected than in previous times – customers can easily share their experiences with others online. This gives them a platform to voice their opinions and demand better products and services.

In short, these factors mean B2C and B2B customers expect companies to support their products and services with excellent customer service. Failing to meet these expectations runs the risk of a business quickly losing customers to its competitors.

Raising the bar and innovating for better CX

With the focus of many businesses now very much on customer experience (CX), some businesses have raised the bar on their performance in key areas. Product and service quality, optimising customer service request handling by deploying helpdesk solutions, and listening to and making changes in line with customer feedback are some examples.

For any business, innovation that drives greater efficiency is always a good move. One of the best ways to make a business more efficient is to develop a closer focus on core business operations. Businesses and organisations that outsource peripheral functions eliminate tasks that may disrupt or distract from their central activities.

Simply66 telephone answering services help provide enhanced CX that helps meet the needs of today’s more demanding customers in a number of ways:

  • Better availability – our team alongside our automated technologies increases the availability of your business by answering calls 24/7, which is great when you have customers in different time zones or that operate in industries where there is a high demand for customer service.
  • First impressions count – our team of professional receptionists helps your business create a better impression by consistently answering calls in a polite, professional and friendly manner. No more hurried call pickups with busy employees tempted to fob off callers.
  • Reduces interruptions and stress – helps your business reduce stress by taking care of customer inquiries. This can free up employees to focus on other tasks, such as providing customer service or working on new projects.
  • Saves time for callers and employees – Simply66 saves time by routing calls to the appropriate department or employee. This reduces the amount of time customers spend on hold and directs calls to the right person or department, the first time.

Innovate with Simply66 to improve customer experience

Innovating with Simply66 saves time, drives efficiency and provides great ROI. With your team freed up to concentrate on higher-value core business activities, Simply66 answering services simply make great business sense.

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