9th December 2022

Daily FAQs grinding you down? Help can be on its way!

Don’t lose precious time answering the same old FAQs – leave it to us

With the time and effort it takes to run a business, capturing each call that comes your way can be a job in itself.

It can only add to the strain and frustration, if after making the effort to capture each call you’re finding yourself answering the same basic questions day in, day out.

Of course, you still make the effort to answer the questions with the same level of service each customer deserves, but it can result in the time you spend dedicating yourself to your important day-to-day duties shrinking.

By seeking out help from a professional third-party service that can handle these FAQs on your behalf, exactly as you would answer them yourself, you get the best of both worlds – your customers are satisfied having received excellent and knowledgeable service and you get to claw back important time you can channel into running business.

FAQs answered exactly the way you wish

How your FAQs are answered is down to how you want them to be answered. You provide the question and the answer you would typically give, and the receptionists follow your instructions to a tee – your customers won’t know the difference.

The type of question and answers are also entirely your prerogative, meaning they can be open-ended with a semi-detailed explanation given about a product or service, or simply yes/no answers.

Easily change in line with business demand and priorities

Demand and priorities can frequently change in business, whether it’s naturally over time or as you run different campaigns, promotions or offers that stoke up interest from your customers.

Therefore, you can easily change your FAQs as and when you require as it’s all configured entirely on line. It’s as simple as logging in to your account, meaning you can change them at any time from any place as long as you have internet availability.

Save money on employing a full-time assistant

Ordinarily, the logical thing to do when you require help is to hire an assistant. However, taking on new staff is not cheap and in itself is time consuming by the time you advertise, interview and train.

Cutting all this out and getting experienced, professional help saves you a great deal of time and, crucially, money that you may not have or that you would rather channel into other areas of your business.

Gain peace of mind

It isn’t just a case of palming off your questions and answers and hoping for the best either. Each call taken on your behalf by the receptionists is recorded and provided to you for free.

You can access the recordings in your account, as well as receive them via email, letting you listen to how your calls and questions are being answered at your own convenience which you can use to provide feedback on how you feel they are being handled for you.

Impress your customers

In addition to avoiding being interrupted from your hectic schedule with feeling like you’re consistently repeating yourself handling the same questions, you can impress your customers.

With customer satisfaction increased, you will ensure that solid leads are captured as queries will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.

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