How a Virtual Receptionist service can give you a helping hand at Christmas

Continue as normal at the office throughout all of Christmas without a break, or stay at home and switch off completely until January? With a virtual receptionist service it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

How you could use a virtual receptionist service to your advantage this festive season

Most of us like taking time off at this time of year, but if you run a business it can be difficult juggling between wanting a break from the action after 12 months of hard work and simple needs must.

It can come down to a choice: stay at the office where you’re available to customers during normal hours, or accept that if you want time off your customers are going to have to wait until you’re back.

Luckily there is a virtual receptionist service that can sit quietly in the background, helping capture the calls that you simply can’t.

Set up routing that affords you time off, without you having to miss a call

Such is the flexibility you gain you can configure a call routing plan that allows you to send calls to yourself when you’re available to take them, or send them to us when you’re unavailable.

This means when you want to enjoy free time to spend with family, friends or just watching Home Alone, you can simply log in to your online account and choose for calls to be diverted to us.

Stay in the loop wherever you are

On those occasions when we take your calls for you, you don’t have to worry about being kept in the dark regarding how they are being handled.

Instead you can conveniently take advantage of the free call recording you will receive, containing details of the caller and the message they left for you.

You will also be sent these in your emails, so if taking emails on the go via your smartphone is something you tend to do then you can also access this information here too.

Instruct us to transfer important calls

If there are calls of a certain, more important nature, that you would like us to attempt to transfer to you, you can easily instruct us to do this.

So let’s say you’re working from home and want to divert your incoming calls to us, but for any serious new business opportunities you would ideally like the chance to speak to the customer.

We are able to place the caller on hold while we attempt to get in touch with you. We will explain who is on the line and the nature of their enquiry, after which you can decide if you want us to take a message or have the customer transferred to you.

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