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What is the difference between Virtual Receptionist and Service Desk?

The Difference Between Virtual Receptionist and Service Desk?

In a nutshell, the Virtual Service Desk service offers you the chance to get more than just basic call answering out of your service with us.

Whilst our Virtual Receptionist service significantly helps you look more professional and capture each call and potential business lead, the Virtual Service Desk allows you to integrate us more closely with your business.

It does this by giving you 15 FAQs, on top of an allocation of calls per month, that you can fill in to give us more information about your business, its products or services.

Time-saving benefits

This is typically beneficial if you find you're often pushed for time carrying out your day-to-day duties, whilst finding yourself being distracted by customers ringing your phone and frequently asking the same sort of questions that a receptionist or PA would be able to do for you.

Your FAQs can be open-ended or close-ended – the whole point is that it saves you time answering the same old FAQs yourself.