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What is my standard business information?

There are two parts to the Standard Business Information with your Simply66 service: the basic information about your business that you wish to provide us with so we can use this to inform customers; and secondly, the basic information we will take from the customer.

Your standard business information

The Standard Business Information feature covers your basic company information and is available across all three packages.

It is basic factual information about your business. This may be information on your business opening hours, your business address, your website and so on.

You can keep this information up to date in your account and it will be presented to a receptionist member when they answer a customer's call, in the form of a screen pop so they will have this information readily available on the screen as the call is taken and will allow us to take the call for you exactly the way you want.

The customer's standard business information

This covers the basic information we will take from a customer on a call for you and is available across all three Virtual Receptionist packages.

These will be basic details about the customer and the nature of their call, which as a general rule will be: the customer’s name (and company name if applicable), their phone number, email address and a brief message provided by the caller.

We can swap taking their email address to an alternative request of information more relevant to your business, if you would prefer.