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What are your call charges?

Receptionist calls

Please see your individual package plan for full details of charges for calls answered by your Receptionists or Service Desk Team.

Additional Calls: What if I go over my allowance?

Please see the chart below for a simple breakdown of all additional call charges for the Simply66 packages. These are the charges for each call we take for you after you have exceeded your call allowance:

Additional Call Charges
Simply Starter Simply Lite Simply Standard Knowledge20 Knowledge40 Knowledge100
£1.50 per call £1.50 per call £1.50 per call from £2.00 per call from £2.00 per call from £2.00 per call

Call Transfer

Call Transfer is an optional feature with a a small additional charge, which comes with all of our services and packages except for Electronic Receptionist.

It's available at a cost of 50p per transfer for up to 1 hour, and then the standard call rates will apply after this.

Each transfer we make will carry this charge, including transfers that reach a voicemail system and those that simply ring-out without being answered. See below for a breakdown of our Call Transfer charges:

Call Transfer Charges
Prefix Description Up to 1 hour After 1 hour Connection Fee
- Call Transfer 50p Standard rate* 0.0p
*1p per min to landlines, 8.5p per min to mobiles

Calls made from your Simply66 Number

The number you receive with your Simply66 package allows you to make and receive calls. As a VoIP provider, our call rates are extremely competitive. Please see below for full pricing information:

Summary of UK call charges
Prefix Description Peak per min Off Peak per min Connection Fee
01, 02, 03 UK Landline 1.0p 0.5p 0.0p
07* UK Mobiles 8.5p 8.0p 0.0p
0800 Freephone 0.0p 0.0p 0.0p
*Excludes 070 revenue share