Keeping your customer service up to speed

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

You have a problem with a service you're paying for and need to speak to the company providing it. You call them and get no answer; so you wait 10 minutes and call them again. Once again there is no answer.

You try to call again only for the process to repeat itself, so by this point you're gradually losing patience. Finally you get through to someone who answers your call, clearly flustered because they're busy multitasking, which results in them not dealing with your enquiry in the most professional or timely manner.

This consequently leaves you feeling disappointed at your customer experience, while from the company's point of view their reputation has been damaged – even if it is seemingly just a scratch on the surface because it's “only one customer”.

However, did you know? That 95% of consumers have taken action as a result of a negative customer experience, while 79% have told others about a negative experience – so even if it is just 'one' customer it could do more damage than you think.*

*RightNow 2010 Customer Experience Impact Report.