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8 things we've learnt from working from home


We’ve asked some of our colleagues to tell us what they’ve learnt about themselves in the last month or so. I should warn you… food plays a big factor here![Read more]

Simply66 statement on COVID-19 outbreak


As I’m sure you’re all aware, we’re currently in the midst of a global virus outbreak the likes of which we have not been seen in modern times. It’s bringing a number of different challenges that most businesses would never have faced before.[Read more]

Daily FAQs grinding you down? Help can be on its way!


With the time and effort it takes to run a business, capturing each call that comes your way can be a job in itself. It can only add to the strain and frustration, if after making the effort to capture each call you’re finding yourself answering the same basic questions day in, day out...[Read more]

Block nuisance numbers from calling your business


Receiving nuisance calls to your personal telephone can be annoying, but receiving them to your business line can actually be a hindrance and slow you down during the day-to-day running of your organisation...[Read more]

Building and maintaining a trusted image for your small business


A recent Yell survey found that consumers are increasingly more likely to trust local businesses over corporate enterprises, so we look at some small steps and features you can take advantage of to enhance the professionalism of your business...[Read more]

Easter 2017 Opening Times


Details of our sales and support opening times this Easter weekend...[Read more]

How a Virtual Receptionist service can give you a helping hand at Christmas


Continue as normal at the office throughout all of Christmas without a break, or stay at home and switch off completely until January?

With a virtual receptionist service it doesn’t have to be one or the other...[Read more]

Easter Opening Hours


Find out our opening times for the Easter Bank Holiday...[Read more]

Small business owners: Are you giving online marketing enough attention?


INFOGRAPHIC: Statistics suggest some small businesses may be falling behind when it comes to marketing their business in the online world.

Online marketing – including social media – has made it easier than ever before to interact with your target audience, and our infographic outlines how and why businesses engaging with their customers is now so important. [Read more]

How managing your call flow can improve customer satisfaction


In a working environment increasingly driven towards speed, efficiency and flexibility, customer expectations are progressively becoming more demanding.

There's no room for letting slip and providing customer service below par, because with the amount of choice out there for customers now it could severely hamper your chances of success... [Read more]

Infographic: The Customer Experience & the Potential Cost of Poor Customer Service


Meeting the expectations of your customers on a customer service level is the crucial ingredient when it comes to providing a pleasant experience for them.

As the infographic below demonstrates, the customer experience most definitely matters – even more so than the quality or price of a product in many cases – and the price for failing on this front can be costly to businesses... [Read more]

Keeping your customer service up to speed


Put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

You have a problem with a service you're paying for and need to speak to the company providing it. You call them and get no answer; so you wait 10 minutes and call them again. Once again there is no answer. [Read more]

Important changes to non-geographic call charges


If your organisation uses a ‘non-geographic’ service number for people to contact you – that’s one beginning 08, 09 or 118 – you need to be aware of major changes to how these numbers are charged.

Ofcom state that, “The unbundled tariff will ensure consumers can know, for the first time, how much of their money is paid to their phone company and how much is passed to others, such as the organisation or service being called. It will require that, instead of paying a single charge to their phone company, they will pay two separate charges... [Read more]

The etiquette of responding to negative customer reviews


We've all heard the saying “put up or shut up” before. There are times when you simply need to swallow your pride and apologise, or at least get your side of the story across, while there are others when it's best to just say nothing at all and continue to go quietly about your business.

These principles are never more apparent than when it comes to customer reviews. Customer reviews play a crucial role in the buying process, with more than 60% of customers on average said to read online reviews of a product or service before they decide whether to make a purchase. [Read more]

Why building good customer relationships can be good for your marketing


The simplest rule of thumb when it comes to understanding your customers is a happy customer equals a returning customer.

And yes, while the most important thing when it comes to keeping a customer happy is the level of service you provide, in the modern day customers are increasingly wanting or even expecting more. [Read more]

The impact of missing calls – in percentages


Missing a business call is not like missing a personal call. Rather than wait to call you back, a business caller is far more likely to move on and try to contact another company, meaning you are in severe danger of losing business to a competitor. [Read more]

Leave it to us!


The day is 21st January, 2015… For many of the Simply66 team, this day was marked in their calendar as an exciting moment, but for a select few of our Virtual Receptionist team, this day was marked D-Day!

After weeks of discussion back and forth between Tom, Creative Advertiser at Simply66, and the team at North East based video production company, Candle & Bell, the stage was set. As the sun rose on a seasonally chilly January morning, no amount of coffee was sufficient to calm the nerves of the stars of our new promotional video. For they knew, as the phones began to ring, and the birds ceased to sing their morning song, the time had come for Candle & Bell to commence shooting. [Read more]


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