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Start a love affair you won't regret this Valentine's Day


Is your work life getting in the way of your love life? Too busy with clients to catch that lunchtime call from your special someone? Are you too bogged down in customer enquiries to plan Valentine’s? Everything you could possibly need, could be waiting at the end of your fingertips

Simply66 is the flexible, trustworthy, professional experience you have been desiring. Just a few, simple clicks stand between you and your very own Virtual Receptionist. Within minutes you could feel the satisfaction of never having to miss a business call again, with our wide range of packages, you can choose the perfect fit for your company... This is a love affair you won't want to keep a secret! [Read more]

Common Virtual Receptionist myths explained


Amongst the main things a business owner expects of their receptionist is that they are friendly, personable, attentive and have a personality; the opposite to how zombie-like robots reading from a script in a call centre are often perceived.

Call centre agents told to stick to a script run the risk of failing to deliver one of the most basic principles of customer service: know your customers and understand their needs. [Read more]

What's in a phone number?


There are a number of areas small business owners are most concerned with when it comes to getting their business off the ground, from finances to legalities, that the issue of a phone number almost takes a back seat providing you have one and it's working.

For a lot of small businesses, especially those in their infancy, a home landline or mobile number is thought to suffice because ultimately, it works. And while this is fine in that you can make and receive calls, it's far from ideal. [Read more]

Five reasons why businesses use a virtual receptionist


More and more small to medium sized businesses are turning to virtual receptionist services to aid their business in some way.

Missed calls can very easily mean missed business, so for many organisations a virtual receptionist is a crucial extension to their team, and below, we look at five reasons why business owners are turning to them. [Read more]

Why making a great first impression over the phone is vital in business


The significance of first impressions are as important over the phone as they are in person – in fact because ending a conversation is so effortless over the phone it could be argued they're even more important than face to face first impressions.

With the latter, you have a whole range of ways in which you can conduct and present yourself including body language, eye contact when you talk and listen, friendly rituals (e.g. handshakes), the way you're dressed, plus many more. [Read more]

Enhance the image & professionalism of your small business


As a small business it can be difficult to juggle between the everyday running of your company while making sure you don't fall behind with vital administrative duties – such as making sure each call from a customer or potential customer is answered or making sure each appointment is noted in your diary.

Below are some useful pointers to consider in order to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. [Read more]

What do I have to consider when choosing a Virtual Receptionist for my business?


You'd like to use a virtual receptionist service to support your company, but there are many different services. So where do you begin? Below, I've listed some of the main considerations in choosing a virtual receptionist service that's right for you and your business.

The main choice you need to make is whether you'd like to hire someone working from home, or if you'd like to sign up to a service from a company. The two aren't always dissimilar, with certain companies using self employed or home-workers to save on costs. [Read more]

How should I be answering my business calls?


The way you answer your business phone will have great implications on the success – or failure – of a phone call. From how long it takes you to pick up the phone to the language that you use, it's crucial that you know what you're doing long before the phone rings.

Our receptionists are professionals, and below are some tips we'd like to share to ensure that you get it right, every time. [Read more]

Could that missed call have changed your business?


At some point in everyone's life, they've had a missed call. Whether it's in a work situation, or a time when they've been at home, it's not always possible or convenient to answer the phone.

Sometimes the caller ID is visible, but other times the number is simply withheld.

Did you miss a sales call? Was it a wrong number? Or maybe it was one of the most important business calls of your life? Either way, you're now at the caller's mercy. The only option is to wait to see if they call you back. [Read more]


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