Knowledge 20

Knowledge 20

£29.99 ex vat
  • 20 calls per month
  • £1.50 per call
  • 15 FAQs per month
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Knowledge 40

Knowledge 40

£47.99 ex vat
  • 40 calls per month
  • £1.20 per call
  • 15 FAQs per month
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Knowledge 100

Knowledge 100

£98.99 ex vat
  • 100 calls per month
  • 99p per call
  • 15 FAQs per month
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Knowledge 100+

Knowledge 100+

  • 100+ calls per month
  • 15+ FAQs per month
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More than just call answering

A true extension of your business

In addition to basic message taking as part of your call allocation, we will answer 15 FAQs on more service or product specific queries.

  • FAQs can be basic recurring questions, that we'll answer on your behalf.
  • Easily change FAQs in your account in line with business demand
  • Listen to how we handle FAQs using your call recordings
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time – no contracts!

How it works

The business information and FAQs you setup in your dashboard will be presented to our receptionists when handling a call for you.

  • Access and modify information and FAQs at any time in your account
  • We receive an instant screen pop containing the details you provide
  • We handle the call as per your instructions and business information
  • You’ll receive an email summary of each call plus the call recording

How you benefit from it

Claw back important time to focus on day-to-day matters, letting us answer the questions that you’ve answered so many times before.

  • Avoid being interrupted from your hectic schedule
  • Impress customers by having queries dealt with professionally
  • Increase customer satisfaction as FAQs are answered at the first attempt
  • Get inclusive features including IVR, Music On Hold & Call Transfer
Customisable FAQs
Call Recording
Call Transfer Option
Automatic Call History
Use Your Own Number
Telephone Number Included
Standard Business Info
Interactive Voice Menu
UK Based
Introductory Greeting
Simultaneous Ringing
Live Call Answer
Music on Hold
Time of Day Routing

Customisable FAQs

Customised FAQs enables you to give us simple answers to frequently asked questions about your business, its products or services.

Use the Customised FAQs to include information which isn't included within the Standard Business Information form.

Enter the most frequently asked questions about your business or its products/services, and provide the answer we should give. For example, you may frequently be asked if you deliver abroad, so if you do you are able to provide the answer 'yes' for this question.

The list is almost endless and the nature of the FAQs and answers will depend entirely on the nature of your business.

Call Recording

All calls made to and from your number associated with your Simply66 service are recorded and stored in your secure online account.

So not only are all calls that are diverted to our live receptionists or Service Desk team recorded – all calls you, yourself, make or receive from your number are recorded too.

Having an archive of recordings enables you to listen to entire interactions between your customers and our staff, demonstrating how open we are about the service we provide and allowing you to listen to the tone of conversations between your clients and our staff.

Additionally, keeping an archive of recordings from calls you make or receive can benefit you in the form of memory aid, proof of call or quality control.

Call Transfer Option

The call transfer option is useful if you would prefer calls of a certain nature to be transferred directly to you or an appropriate person within your organisation.

You are in control of which types of calls you would like to be transferred by our Service Desk, and to which number those types of calls are transferred to.

For example, if you give us prior knowledge that you would like all customer calls regarding new business to be transferred directly to you, our Service Desk team will transfer all calls of this nature directly to the number you specify.

We will place the caller on hold, and then attempt to call the number you have provided. A member of the Service Desk will explain to you who is on the line, and what the nature of the call is. You can then decide whether or not you would like to take the call.

Call Transfer is an optional feature, available at a cost of 50p per transfer for up to 1 hour, and then the standard call rates after this (1p per minute to landlines and 8.5p per minute to mobiles).

Automatic Call History

Automatic Call History forms part of the instant pop up screen our receptionists see when one of your calls is diverted to us – it shows the receptionists a brief overview of recent calls they have received.

This includes showing the receptionists the time of a call and the customer's phone number.

It will benefit the receptionists because having the ability to retrieve a customer's details electronically is simply a helpful tool to have when dealing with large quantities of calls; it provides a quick recap of who has recently called enabling them to build rapport with a customer who, for example, calls twice in quick succession.

Use Your Own Number

If you already have a business number that you're happy with but you'd still like to sign-up to our services, you can transfer your existing number to us and get full access to the Simply66 features.

This is called porting your number; the process of moving a number from one provider to another. Simply read this section in the Help Centre for more information on how this process works.

Alternatively you can choose to forward your number to us. You can either choose to forward the number at all times, forward only when busy, only at certain times of the day, or a combination of the latter two.

To do this you'd normally need to get in touch with your telephony provider, but you can read these instructions in our Help Centre for more information.

Please note, if you do not have your own number you can choose one provided by us, free of charge. Click the “Telephone Number Included” icon to read more.

Telephone Number Included

Each Simply66 package provides you with a UK telephone number as standard, though you can decide to use your own current number should you wish.

If you don't have a dedicated business number you may opt to choose one of ours.

This will give your business a perception of professionalism which can be hugely beneficial if at the moment you just use your home or mobile number, as it's not ideal taking business calls on these numbers and possibly having them on marketing materials or the Internet.

You can choose from a range of 01 and 02 area code numbers covering most UK cities and major towns to give your business a sense of locality – including London (0207) numbers. Alternatively, choose an 03 or 0845 number to give your business a national presence.

Please note if you already have your own number which you would simply like to transfer or forward into our service, you can do that. Click here to read our Help Centre and once there, click Features to bring down the list of options available for you to do this.


Standard Business Info

Provide us with basic information regarding your company, and we will use this in order to answer your calls effectively.

The standard company information includes:

  • Company Name
  • Special Pronunciation
  • Main Telephone Number
  • Main Fax Number
  • Main Email Address
  • Website
  • Brief Company Description
  • Postal Address
  • Opening Hours
  • Additional Notes (Not FAQs)

Interactive Voice Menu

Use Interactive Voice Menu, also known as IVR, to define how you'd like different types calls to be routed based on callers entering a number on their keypad.

When used in collaboration with the live Virtual Receptionist service, you may choose to route specific types of calls directly to you, while leaving other types of calls to be routed to the live receptionists.

This can be useful if you want to handle a particular type of call yourself.

If sales calls are of particular value to you, you may wish to configure the Interactive Voice Menu so that all sales calls are automatically routed to your mobile, while all other calls are routed to our receptionists for them to deal with, allowing you to get on with your job.

Whether you're a start-up aspiring for a more professional image, or you're a growing business needing the ability to route calls to the relevant people, our IVR is flexible to suit a variety of businesses needs.

UK Based

All of our live virtual receptionists are based at our head office in the UK and we never outsource calls.

Our open office environment allows our receptionists to be able to instantly communicate with each other and share information, so knowledge about your customers and business is evenly spread across the whole team.

We only hire the best and our receptionists are professionally trained, meaning you can expect an exceptional service.

Introductory Greeting

When you opt to use our service you have the opportunity to play a message to your customers when they dial your number, with the Introductory Greeting feature.

Prior to a call being connected, an introductory audio message will automatically play to a caller giving them reassurance that they've called the correct number and that they're dealing with a reputable business.

This feature can also be useful when your business is closed, such as on Bank Holidays, when you can configure a message to play informing callers you're closed and when you will reopen meaning customers are not just left in doubt.

You also have the choice to play music while a customer waits for their call to be connected.

This helps to reinforce your company's professional image and ensures the customer is not left waiting in silence, as this may confuse them into thinking a call has disconnected when in fact it hasn't.

Simultaneous Ringing

This allows you to send your calls to multiple destinations at the same time.

Calls can simultaneously be sent to both your receptionist and a number of your choice – your mobile phone, for example.

You can set how long you want the call to ring on your device for (e.g. 15 seconds), after which if you have not answered it will be forwarded to our live receptionists to handle.

Simultaneous Ringing gives you the peace of mind that if you're too busy to answer a call, or you're not by your phone, a potential opportunity will not be missed because a receptionist will answer on your behalf, in your company name.

So if you're free; simply answer the call. On the other hand if you're fully occupied, leave it to ring and we will answer for you.

Live Call Answer

Live call answering is a standard feature with the Virtual Receptionist, enabling you and your customers to benefit from speaking to real people rather than an automated machine.

This means when your customers' calls are diverted to our receptionists team you can capture leads as they come in, in contrast with the risk that a customer could simply hang up and take their business elsewhere if they were to reach an automated device.

Our live receptionists team are all based at our UK head office and operate between 8:30am to 6:00pm.

Music on Hold

Music on Hold comes as standard across the Simply66 services and is used to help you present a professional image for your business when callers are put on hold.

It wouldn't present the most professional image to your customers if they could hear the person in your company they've called shouting across the room to a colleague for information, therefore, Music on Hold can prevent this situation occurring.

We have a selection of professional hold music which you can choose from, or alternatively you can upload your own should you wish to incorporate your own company branding.

Time of Day Routing

With Time of Day Routing you are in control of how your calls are dealt with when someone dials your number – you can specify routing by day, time and whether or not it's a UK, Scotland or Ireland Bank Holiday.

The feature increases your business professionalism and is easily changed as and when you require through your simple online control panel, with changes taking effect immediately.

It enables you to set your normal business opening hours so that when a call comes in outside of these times, the routing will kick in. This enables you to route all calls outside of your operating hours to an external destination, such as your mobile, for example.

You can configure calls to divert to our receptionists when your line is busy, or if you don't pick up a call after a specific amount of seconds chosen by you.

This means if you're already busy on a call, or you're simply too busy to answer, the call will be diverted to us to handle on your behalf.

Our routing facility ensures you are entirely in control of who answers your calls and when.