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Out of Hours Routing

The Time of Day Routing feature allows you to set a pre-defined routing plan depending on the time and day of the week which a call is received on.

Out of Hours Call Routing
fig 1.1 "Out of Hours Call Routing"
Out of Hours Call Routing This is where you setup your opening and closing times for a particular number. You can also setup custom routing here too.

To access it, log in to your account and from the Control Panel click the "Out of hours routing" button.

Simply enter your opening hours, and then use the Routing Wizard to define how you'd like all 'out of hours' calls to be dealt with.

For example, you could choose to play a message informing customers that your business is closed, and letting them know when you'll be open next.

This small detail can really improve the perception of your business and not leave customers in doubt.

Time of Day Routing also has the ability to specify your opening hours based upon Bank Holidays in England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Please note that our live receptionist services do not operate on Bank Holidays.