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Simultaneous ringing

Virtual Receptionist and Service Desk packages

You can use the Routing Wizard to set both your own number and your Virtual Receptionist or Service Desk number to ring simultaneously.

This option is great if you're near your phone – otherwise it's likely that the receptionists will answer before you.

If it's not likely that you'd be able to answer your calls quickly, you can set your routing for the call to ring on your device for 15 seconds, and then if it hasn't been answered to forward it to your Simply66 receptionists.

Electronic Receptionist

Within the Routing Wizard, you can choose for an incoming call to ring simultaneously on multiple numbers.

You may configure a call to ring on both your mobile phone and landline.

Alternatively, choose a number belonging to another person within your organisation in order to ensure that the call is answered as quickly as possible.