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If I go over my allowance, how much do you charge for additional calls?

With the Virtual Receptionist, if you go over your allowance you will be charged the average call cost of the package you purchased for any additional call we take for you.

So this equates to the cost of the package divided by how many calls you get with that package.

For example if your package costs £25 and with that you get 25 calls, you will be charged £1 for any additional calls we take after you have used up your allowance of 25 calls.

Please see the chart below for a simple breakdown of all additional call charges, including our Service Desk packages.

Additional Call Charges
Simply Starter Simply Lite Simply Standard Knowledge20 Knowledge40 Knowledge100
£1.50 per call £1.50 per call £1.50 per call from £2.00 per call from £2.00 per call from £2.00 per call

Where can I find out how many calls I have left this month?

From your Control Panel select "Account Details" and here, under your Account credit details, you will see how many calls you have left for the month beside "Inclusive Receptionist calls remaining".