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How do I use Call Transfer?

Log in to your account and from your Control Panel select "Virtual Receptionist".

Here, scroll down the page until you see Enquiry Routing.

Here you can input details for the numbers you wish us to transfer calls to, while you can also specify which types of calls you want us to transfer to a particular number (e.g. all calls or just certain types of calls – new business enquiries, for example).

In your call transfer settings you will also have an option to set a default ring time, to control how long you want your phone to ring for after we have transferred a call before it goes to your voicemail.

Call Transfer is an optional feature, available at a cost of 50p per transfer for up to 1 hour, and then the standard call rates after this (1p per minute to landlines and 8.5p per minute to mobiles).

Each transfer we make will carry this charge – this includes transfers that reach a voice mail system and those that simply ring-out without being answered.