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How do I pay an outstanding invoice?

In the event that you end up with an outstanding invoice, there is a simple solution to resolve it to automatically reinstate your services with us. This can be the result of a card simply expiring or a payment being declined by your bank.

To resolve this, log into your Control Panel and select “Account Details” from the right-hand side. Locate Payment Details, select the “Add a new card” link then enter your card details.

Once you have done this go back to the main Control Panel. Here, click the number next to “Outstanding Invoices” above the main Invoices button. On this page, select the Pay Now button and this will take the payment from your newly added card on your account.

Please remember, you must have at least one valid card on your account at all times.

What if we can't take a payment?

If, as we outlined in the “What methods of payment do you accept?” section, you pay in advance for the first month of your service via credit or debit card, we will then start taking your payments via direct debit.

However, if for any reason after this we cannot take a payment for a particular month via direct debit we will charge your credit card this amount for the month.