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Which options are included in the free prompt database

The options included in the free prompt database available to you are recorded by our professional voice artist.

Customers can use these prompts to create Interactive Voice Menus, which you use to direct calls to the correct place.

There are more than 20 professionally recorded prompts in total included, covering most common departments you'd find within a business including:

  • For general enquiries
  • For sales
  • For customer services
  • For technical support
  • For billing
  • For accounts
  • For investor relations
  • For all other enquiries
  • Prompt for extension

These of course come with the other half of the prompt, the instruction telling a caller which button to press on their keypad to be connected to a particular department (e.g. “Press one, Press two” – all the way up to nine and zero, as well as the star key and hash key).

To listen to a sample of these free prompts, see below under "Listen to the Standard Professional Prompts".

You may also wish to record your own prompts. To do this you must first of all record and upload your own sound file.

Uploading your file

Log in to your account and on your Control Panel click on “My Audio Files” then click “Upload a new file” at the bottom of the page.

Enter the information it asks for; your Display Name (file name) can be anything you wish.

Locate the audio file from within your local documents by selecting “Choose File” then make sure you've ticked the terms and conditions acknowledgement, before selecting “Upload and Save”.

Once you have completed this, read the Interactive Voice Menu section for information on how you set your menu up and upload your prompts to your menu.

Listen to the Standard Professional Prompts

Below are a few example menus constructed with our free prompt database.

  •   Sample IVR menu 1
  •   Sample IVR menu 2