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How do I route my calls to the right place?

Ensuring your calls are routed to the right place is configured by two areas within your account with us: Routing Wizard and IVR/Call Director.

Routing Wizard

This is what ultimately controls how your calls are routed – for example; to an internal/external number (including a mobile phone), to an IVR menu or elsewhere.

Firstly, log in to your account and in your Control Panel click on “Your Numbers”.

Click on the number which you're configuring and then on the next page locate a green button labelled “Routing wizard” and click it to begin – the steps beside this button shows your current routing.

The Routing Wizard works in steps and you can define as many as you wish in your routing plan, including:

  • Send the call to your IP telephone (the default VoIP extension for your number)
  • Send the call to one or more internal/external destinations (this could be one or many mobile, landline or extensions)
  • Forward the call to your Virtual Receptionist
  • Send the call to Call Director (Interactive Voice Menu)
  • Play a message to the caller
  • Finish by sending the call to voicemail
  • Finish by hanging up without going to voicemail

At each step, you define how long you want that step to ring for.

For example, you might want to send the call to your mobile for 30 seconds and then go to voicemail if you don't answer. In this case you would define:

  • Step 1: Send the call to one or more internal/external destinations for 30 seconds
  • Step 2: Go to voicemail

Note that the Routing Wizard will skip a step if all the devices it tries to ring are busy in any step. So in the above example, if your mobile phone is busy, then it would skip Step 1 and go straight to voicemail.


You can also decide to route a call to an IVR menu (“For sales, press 1”) – this is useful if you have different personnel within your company for dealing with different types of customer enquiries.

If you plan on using an IVR menu within your call routing, you will firstly have to create the menu before implementing it into your Routing Wizard.

Please refer to the "How do I add an electronic receptionist menu?" section for information on how to set up your IVR.