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How do I set up an Interactive Voice Menu?

An interactive voice menu, also known as an IVR system, enables you to create professional, multi-level menus which present your business in a highly professional manner while also allowing you to easily and effectively route calls.

Consisting of prompts, your menu can route a call to the destination of your choice. Read the Free prompt database section for information on which prompts are available for you to use in your menus.

They are useful to direct customers straight to the department they wish to speak to, saving someone the time of manually transferring a customer to the correct person.

For example, if your organisation has a sales manager, a marketing manager and an accounts manager, you may wish to create a menu that will route customers who press the relevant keypad button directly to the correct departments (e.g. “For sales, press 1”, “For marketing, press 2”, “For accounts, press 3”).

Getting started

To do this, log in to your account and from your Control Panel click on “Call Director” then click the green button labelled “Add a new menu”.

Give your menu a name and then begin to add steps by clicking on “Click here to add a new step”.

Add Menu
fig 1.1 "Creating a new Call Director Menu"
Add Menu Creating a menu could not be an easier. Simply click on 'Add a new menu' add your steps and complete your routing.

You should have an idea of how many steps you want to add, and if so, you can add them right away.

Select a prompt to play (this is the department name – e.g. “For sales”), choose a number on the keypad instructing your customer which button they must press to be routed to this department (e.g. “Press one”) and then configure where you want the call to route to in the third column.

Create Menu
fig 1.2 "Creating your menu steps"
Create Menu To add a new step, click on add new step, select your prompt and tell is what to do with the call routing.

In this case, if you were wanting to configure the step to direct a caller to the person in your organisation responsible for sales, you may want to select “Send the call to one or more internal/external destinations”.

Then, you would add your sales person's number to the relevant field and fill in the other details before clicking “Next step”.

Remember, you will only be able to save your menu once you have specified an end-point – which is to either send the call to voicemail or hang up without sending to voicemail.

Using the Routing Wizard to add your menu to your routing plan

Finally, to add the menu you have created to your call routing you must access the Routing Wizard.

So log in to your account, click on “Your Numbers” from your Control Panel and select the relevant number.

Click the number and on the next page locate the Routing Wizard button.

From the drop-down menu select “Send the call to call director”, and then in the next drop-down menu click the name of the menu you created in the previous steps.

Call Routing
fig 1.3 "Adding Call Director to your number"
Call Routing To use the menu with your number, simply follow the routing wizard and select your menu name from the drop down list.

Once you have selected your Call Director menu, hit finish and this will update the routing. This will take around 2-3 minutes to update.