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Recording your Business Greeting

Recording your own introductory business greeting is useful for letting your customers immediately know they've dialled the right number, while greatly enhancing your business's professionalism at the same time.

Your first task is to record your greeting using whichever technology you feel is suitable. What you say in your greeting is entirely up to you, but you must make sure the recording file is .wav or .mp3 format.

If you don't have an audio file fit for purpose we can have one ordered for you using our professional voice artist; this will cost £20 for up to 25 words and then £1 per word thereafter.

Alternatively, remember you can choose a prompt from our free professionally recorded prompts database. Click here for more information.

Uploading your file

Log in to your account and on your Control Panel click on “My Audio Files” then click “Upload a new file” at the bottom of the page.

Enter the information it asks for; your Display Name (file name) can be anything you wish.

Locate the audio file from within your local documents by selecting “Choose File” then make sure you've ticked the terms and conditions acknowledgement, before selecting “Upload and Save”.

Using Music on Hold

Music on Hold is basically what it says it is, and it will replace the music on hold that we have by default and replace it with your audio file.

When choosing to use this for an introductory greeting, you could use it for music on hold marketing, an advert in other words, or simply generic hold music of your own choice.

Either way, when uploading your music file as explained in the previous step, make sure that “Use this file for music on hold” is selected and this will overwrite our default files.