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What are the benefits of using Electronic Receptionist?

Organise your calls

Electronic Receptionist allows you to organise your calls the smart way, by giving you the ability to choose clear call routing paths which will come into effect as soon as a customer calls your number.

It gives you the opportunity to configure your routing in a way which suits your business.

Without it, when a customer calls your number and asks to speak to someone, the person answering the call has to manually transfer the caller to the relevant person – this is both time and labour consuming.

The Electronic Receptionist takes away the need for this by doing everything a real person could do.

This means you or someone else within your organisation is not taken away from their main duties, by having to constantly answer calls that may be of no relevance to them and then manually transferring the call to the correct person.

Build a professional image

The Electronic Receptionist, often referred to as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu, is something most people associate with big companies and large corporations, but with Simply66 you have the opportunity to use the technology available to these larger businesses to create your own IVR menu – regardless of your size.

This will enhance your business professionalism and make your company appear larger than it may actually be; giving your customers and leads confidence that they're dealing with a reputable company.