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What are the benefits of using the Service Desk?

We make it our priority to know your business inside out. By empowering our receptionists with information, we can provide your customers with a seamless service, whilst allowing you time to manage your business without distraction.

Getting to know you

Our service desk team are keen to get to know your business, so as soon as you've joined Simply66, one of our team will check the information you have provided in your business information, General FAQs and Customised FAQs to ensure everything is clear.

We'll contact you with any specific questions, for example pronunciation of your company name or anywhere we think we might need further information to answer calls on your behalf.

Rapport with your customers

When a customer calls, our service desk team are able to quickly see any previous correspondence with the same caller. This allows them to know the customer's name, and any previous dealings with your business.

Knowing a caller's history is great for continuity, and provides an image of competency and integration between your Simply66 service desk and your organisation.

Fitting with your business needs

Whether you need our team just to pick up calls as an overflow, or if you'd like us to take all calls to enable you to concentrate on running your business, the service is flexible in meeting your needs.

The level of knowledge our service desk team can have on your products or services means that we rarely need to transfer calls to you.

Performance feedback

Receiving a recording of each interaction between our service desk team and your callers gives you a great opportunity to let us know how we can improve the way we answer your calls.

Whether it's recognising certain frequently asked questions and letting us know the answers to them, or providing us with more detailed instructions on a particular subject, we're always open to suggestions of ways to improve our closeness to your business.