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How do I know you're providing a quality service?

We offer an assurance of quality, based on our internal procedures and transparency.

Standards through self-regulation

We're completely open about the service you receive. Every message is recorded and a link to the recording sent to you via email.

You will also be able to access a full list of all recordings within your Simply66 account. In your Control Panel, click on "Virtual Receptionist" and your previous calls will be listed below.

Our receptionists are aware of this procedure, ensuring that each of your calls means as much to them as they do to you.

Getting it right, every time

As a Simply66 customer, you’ll have access to a range of areas to enter information about your business, and how you’d like us to deal with specific calls.

Whether a customer asks a specific question or needs details for a particular individual or department, you can rest assured that our receptionists will get it right, every time.

As long as you have provided the detail, our instant pop up box ensures that your receptionist has access to the information you want to give.

Failsafe routing options

Once you’ve selected the way you’d like your calls to be routed, simply sit back and relax, knowing that the process will run like clockwork.

We have perfected our own systems over many years, so whether you’d like a call to ring your mobile for 30 seconds before being forwarded on to your Simply66 receptionists, or if you’d just like to forward all calls on a certain day or time, you can rest assured that your calls will be routed exactly how you have specified.