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How can I receive notification of my messages?


After receiving a call, your virtual receptionist will type up all of the information gathered and will email you with details of the call, unless you instruct us otherwise.

For example, you may inform us to not notify you about any generic sales calls that our team take on your company's behalf.

The email will be sent to either the email address which you used when you set up your Simply66 account, or if the call was for a particular individual within your company, the receptionist will use any instructions given within your 'Company Information' questionnaire to email them the information directly.

Call Recording

Once a call to our receptionist is completed, the full recording will be automatically uploaded to your account. In the email detailing the message left by the caller, you'll be provided with a link to download or listen to the full recording.

Can you send messages to multiple email addresses? Is there an additional charge for this?

Yes, we can send messages to multiple email addresses and there is no extra charge for this – you are charged for each call and not each message that we send.

How do I stop sales/marketing calls being passed over as a message?

After clicking Virtual Receptionist on your Control Panel, click Settings and in the "Notes" section you can add information which will be seen by the receptionist when they take a call from a customer.

You should use this to state that you would not like any sales or marketing calls to be sent to you in a message.