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How do I use the Routing Wizard?

Use your Routing Wizard to define the different stages you'd like a call to go through when someone rings your number.

All call forwarding and routing options are accessible via the Routing Wizard, and whether you choose a number from us or transfer your own number into our service, your number will have its own wizard.

To access the Routing Wizard, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and from your Control Panel click “Your Numbers”
  • Click on your number
  • About half way down the page you will see a button labelled “Routing wizard”. The steps beside this button will tell you how your number is currently routed
  • Click on the Routing Wizard button to edit the routing for your number

The Routing Wizard will then open and a drop-down menu will present you with the following seven options:

  • Send the call to your IP telephone (the default VoIP extension for your number)
  • Send to one or more internal/external destinations
  • Forward to your Simply66 receptionists
  • Send the call to Call Director (an Interactive Voice Menu)
  • Play a message to the caller
  • Finish by sending the call to voicemail
  • Finish by hanging up without going to voicemail

How the Routing Wizard works

The Routing Wizard works in steps. It will start by asking you what you want to do with your call in the first step; for example, you might want to play a welcome message to your caller.

Each time you define a new step and save it, the Routing Wizard will ask you what you want to do in the next step. It will keep asking you for steps until you define a step that will finish the routing. The only two steps that will finish routing are 'hang up' or 'send to voicemail'.

Remember that it will only do the final step if the call has not been answered in any of the previous steps.

You can choose any number or a combination of the above options. For example, you could choose to send the caller to an external destination (such as a mobile phone), and if no one answers, set the following step to send the call to your Simply66 service.

At each step, you define how long you want that step to ring for.

For example, you might want to send the call to your home landline for 30 seconds and then go to voicemail if you don't answer. In this case you would define:

  • Step 1: Ring my landline [number] for 30 seconds
  • Step 2: Go to voicemail

Note that the Routing Wizard will skip a step if all the devices it tries to ring are busy in any step. So in the above example, if your landline phone is busy, then it would skip Step 1 and go straight to voicemail.

If you choose to send the call to an IVR menu, please read this topic for assistance in setting up your IVR menu.

You'll also notice that within the routing options, you can opt to make certain routing paths time-specific.