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What methods of payment do you accept?

Direct debit

Sign up to direct debit and we'll take payment on your assigned collection date each month. Using direct debit is both convenient and practical.

However, please note that payment for your first month's service will be collected in advance via your credit or debit card.

Add a card to your account

You will be required to provide your card details when you first sign up to our service. However, should you ever have to add another card, the instructions below will explain how you can do this.

To add a card to your account you must first of all log in to your account and on your Control Panel select “Account Details”. Once you have opened this, scroll down to Payment Details then click the link “Add a new card”. Here, simply input your details then click the “Add card” button at the bottom.

Remove card details from your account

To remove an old card from your account click “Delete this card” from the Payment Details section within “Account Details” where your cards are listed.

Please note that at least one valid card must be held on your account at all times.